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It’s surprising giving the hype surrounding Social Media, that it’s still quite a challenge to sell the adoption of social media to organisations.

There are many obstacles that stand in the way of running social media campaigns such as hurdle

  • Risks associated with open conversations
  • Non existant Internal policies covering social media engagement
  • Lack of internal communication of social media engagement policies
  • Perceived lack of metrics
  • Clarity of roles for managing the campaign

Overcoming these and other hurdles requires an ability to understand which obstacles exist and also arming the right people with the knowledge and tools to overcome them.

As Gavin Heaton correctly points out in his post Social Media Experts Run Over By The Cluetrain

“for all the talk around social media (from agencies as well as from independent consultants), very few practice what they preach. Very few proposals or strategies are written with a view towards business – they provide almost no support for the marketers who need to sell these proposals and strategies back into their businesses.”

Whilst the key is to give them reasons and support to overcome the inevitable detractors, the rational needs to be positioned according to the culture of the particular business.

Developing this understanding requires the building of relationships, which ironically many practitioners avoid.
Relationships are a core element of Social Media and a key catalyst for enabling the approval of Social Media campaigns

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