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Social Media Action Plan (updated)

My updated Social Media Action Plan presentation

Social Media – What is it?
“Open Conversations that encourage participation and connect people”

Why it matters
– “Social media helps people express themselves and through the wisdom of crowds helps us discover new stuff”

What to do about it ?
– Can’t control it
– Ignoring it just elimates you from the conversation

Social Media Action Plan
1. Listen (online monitoring .. what and how, discovery of risks, consumer insights)
“The Development of a process
to understand the conversations,
and action the insights”

o Permission to engage

2. Engage (social engagement policies, leveraging employees, integration, consumer insights)

“Participation Participation Particpation is the new Location Location Location”

o Permission to influence

3.  Influence (identifying & rewarding fans, innovation, research)

– Future trends (social commerce, location based information, filtering, privacy & fraud)

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