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Your client makes biscuits, and their slogan is “Connect with Cookies”.  You know tv is dying and want to make a name for yourself trying something new and hip.  So you come up with the idea to create a social network around the connecting theme.

This is what Pepperidge Farm’s agency has just done with the creation of the Art of the Cookie website.   Whilst the NY times seems to love the idea, I think it is very poorly executed.

For a start the site budget was $2-3 million presumably to cover building, and advertising the site.
Whilst I do like the site design, it lakes the ability to interact and connect with others, which is afterall the basic essence of the brand.  The name of site is also confusing as I was expecting a site that discusses various ways to create art using or making cookies.  Why isn’t this site called

art of cookie

So what would I advise?  

Firstly, this isn’t a destination site and nor should it be.  The brand should be enabling connections by running or giving away Connection parties, sponsoring School Reunions, and enabling their consumers to connect (as opposed to giving them a check list of how to connect).

Provide people the tools to share connection stories, discuss them, and sharing them would be great, but why host them here?   Why not integrate the brand with existing social networks like Facebook, or Shespeaks and join the conversation rather than assuming people will want to spend their precious time coming here to read up on one persons journey across the country.    If you are going to share connections, would you be better working with a site like which is in the business of connecting people.

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