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October 15th is Blog Action Day, where 10,000 bloggers around the world are writing about climate  change.


Social Media certainly provides a platform to harness the “collective” due to the global accessibility of internet and the ease of content publication which has given consumers a voice.  Cause marketing is certainly one of the early adopters of doing this, and I expect to see a continued growth in corporate sponsorship of these initiatives, demonstrating the merging of social media engagement and PR.

Whilst there is no shortage of commentary providing information and material about how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint, I thought I’d use this post to comment on one of the outstanding features of this campaign – the Action page.  Blog Action Day’s Action page is an excellent example of making it easy for your audience to take action.

It’s good to be involved with an initiative like this where individuals can contribute content which through the power of tagging (this initiative is using the hashtag #BAD09 ), which allows the content to be aggregated and shared in real time. at

Follow the twitter stream from #BAD09 here. So far the results are quite amazing where Blog Action Day has been the top Google blog search today.

The Official Google Blog provided a green tour of their campus, Gadling is featuring green travel posts all day, and Grist has a great round-up of some of the best posts thus far. Nonprofits including Oxfam, Greenpeace , 1Sky and TckTckTck have all put up new posts.

Mainstream media is also getting involved, for example CNN has written this article about Blog Action Day.

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