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My virtual model gives consumers the ability to try things on, before buying.users model

You enter in your measurements, upload your face and presto .. now you can see what you would look like before purchasing. Brands such as Speedo, H&M, Sears, Lands End, Best Buy and Marie Claire are represented.virtual model

In addition, the site allows you to share and comment on saved outfits to tap into others opinions.

To expand this capability it is now offered as a Facebook Application.

The site is not the fastest, so a little patience is required, but I can see the appeal to overcome some of the unknowns about purchasing clothes. I suspect technologies like this will only get better.

It would be great if they opened up their API (for turning designs into virtual clothing), as this would allow individual designers to upload their own outfits. I also think is a taste of how you might be able to integrate selling fashion with entertainment. Imagine watching a movie, and then clicking on an actor/actress to add their outfit to your virtual model, get some input from your social network before deciding to purchase !