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One Red Paperclip

Here’s another incredible story of making something from almost nothing using the allure of internet advertising.


Like Alex who’s Million Dollar Home Page earned him $1 million and internet fame, Kyle MacDonald’s One Red Paperclip is a simple idea which has attracted lots of attention. Kyle is hoping to trade One Red Paperclip for other objects of greater value until he finally trades for a house.

Starting this initiative in July 2005, Kyle has traded his red paperclip for a pen, then a doorknob, then a stove, a generator and so on. The site has had nearly 1.5 million visitors and the current item on offer is One Year in Phoenix.

Perspective: Kyle has a story which attracts attention from the blog-s-sphere, which in turn atracts advertising and internet fame, which Kyle is using to sell his short stories. Good luck Kyle, and I’m sure the current affairs programs aren’t far away!