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Motorola has launched a wiki to enable consumers to share information with other consumers.

From the wiki it states …

“Because the possible applications for the Q will always expand, the “ideal” user guide would also be able to grow and change. This wiki is an attempt to do that. It’s a place to capture and share the knowledge of the greater community of Q users. If, for example, you have added a new application to your Q, you could post instructions on how you did it here, for the benefit of all Q users.

This site has been established by Motorola for the use of Q users. It has been seeded with the contents of the in-box user guide. Additional content will be provided by Q users as they explore the Q’s capabilities. ”

Perspective: We think this is a great initiative which recognises that Motorola consumers can indeed help co-write the useability manual for the Q smart phone.

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