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Guinness book of records has just gone social, by adding an online community to their web site.

This will allow record holders, or those who "want to be", as well as fans to share videos, photos, audio and stories. Visitors can also create their own profile page including blog entries.


The site will allow discussion around actual record attempts ahead of the annual book publication. 

The community section is powered by KickApps and Guiness hopes the site will help to identify new record breaking talent.

Here’s an example of a photo submitted by John Evans who in his words says image"Hello, I have been on more Guinness prometime and in the Guinness book in the last 14 years than any other record holder. Go onto Guinness videos and then strongest to see two videos of me car balancing and keg balancing."

Whilst it isn’t evident yet, Guiness could build this community by running online community powered contests.  I’d also like to see them allow members the ability to embed their content in other social networks.