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Augmented Reality – helps with Pool shots

This is a very cool use for Augmented Reality.

The fun and interactive system known as Pool Live Aid allows for dramatic real-time updates to the pool action, so that it not only entertains but serves as a straightforward teaching tool. Most importantly, it’s designed for players of all skill levels: the use of the automatic recording of shots function, for instance, assists more skilled players, while the real-time trajectory calculations would benefit any player, regardless of level.

IBM’s Augmented Reality Mobile trial at Wimbledon

IBM has launched an Android based mobile app to “Augment” what is happening at Wimbledon. Taking a live feed from the handset’s camera, it superimposes content and data associated with various points of interest into that video stream. For example live scores, court information etc.

The widespread adoption of 3G and Smartphones has meant that the potential audience for leveraging location (using the phone’s GPS), and supplementing that with value added information is reaching a critical mass.
I think it makes sense to trial new technologies at these type of events.

As long as the “Value Add” of the supplementary information is primary, I think this technology is a great way to engage with consumers.