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Real Weather applied to Wii game

Wii’s NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, will soon include a mini-game called A-list that will utilise Wii’s Weather channel to incorporate real weather into the game’s play.


Perspective: Whilst this is a cool feature for a game, I can see this technology being used by computer controlled houses to alter lighting, update shopping lists, display pictures to remind younger kids of what to wear, etc.

Mouseless control

XTD3D allows you to control standard windows functions using body movements instead of using keyboard / mouse.

You can watch a presentation on XTD3D from the recent Techcrunch40 here, which shows the founder of XTD3D advancing powerpoint slides and also navigating Google earth by clicking his fingers. Here’s another demonstration of the interface.

Perspective: The application can be programmed to use custom movements, and therefore it is not hard to see Gaming manufacturers integrating the technology with their games. Perhaps there is also a market for this in the growing space of virtual worlds such as Second Life.