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Get Chipmunked

Alvin and the Chipmunks is a new movie to be released on Dec 14th.  To promote the movie, the Oddcast software has been used to create quite a unique promotional microsite. The site is called Munkyourself and allows consumers to create a mashup of a chipmunk animated character generated combined with your own voice recording which is of course modified to sound like a chipmunk.

Perspective: The technology is very clever, and the site is simple to use, and allows you to send links or embed the result in your site as I have done below. I like this offering as it has strong ties to the movie.

Open Source Movies

Director Alex Jovy has come up with a novel way to get the masses to come out and see his next film: he’s inviting them to be part of the film-
making process.
is a collaborative idea where anyone can audition online, vote for casting or invest. Alex has raised 120K pounds of a planned 1.2 million, and you can invest even if yuou only have 10 pounds. You can read a Synopsis of the film, which has a working title of “The Flirting Club”.


Perspective: It’s great to see more examples of ORSIM (open sourced, research, shaper-lead, innovation and marketing) .. a Zealot / Frontiering model. It’s a pity more brands don’t involve their consumers in the same way.