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Tweetscan now lets you download your twitter history

Here’s the last few tweets from my history.

ifarmer : Simple, effective media creation & sharing tool
ifarmer : Apple lists more than 10,000 apps in the app store. And 300,000,000 app downloads (that’s more than 2 million per day) !
ifarmer : Facebook lets you release videos to just your friends
ifarmer : New blog entry: Mazda 3 Widget
jasondavey : Good to see @ifarmer relaxing with our clients in Melbourne office. Bullseye is fast becoming AU’s prominent digital agency, IMNSHO
eskimo_sparky : @jasondavey @kevinferry @ifarmer I’m sure you’re across it but FYI… 🙂
ifarmer : Top 10 Australian news stories for 2008
ifarmer : List of CEO’s (and CMO’s, cTO’s and CIO’s) using twitter
ifarmer : Bubble Comments – lets you leave Video comments on any site
jasondavey : @ifarmer and @kevinferry at the Bullseye xmas party
codemonkeyism : @ifarmer Nice link to c-level twitter users. I think a more comple list of c-level Twitterers can be found on Twellow
ifarmer : At bluetongue stadium about to watch the Mariners take on Sydney FC
ifarmer : Collaborative design challenges – here’s a very cool tool to help app
codemonkeyism : @ifarmer I was astonished how many c-level twitteres there are
ifarmer : Seeking Australian examples of direct consumer online engagrment made on behalf of a brand or organisation.
ifarmer : Nice iphone app from Ogilvy which turns your iphone into a Christmas carol playing handbell
ifarmer : RT @Ben_Phillips cool xmas card idea execution from Patts
ifarmer : 4.2 million Australians now active on Facebook !

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